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Enhancing Your Employee Onboarding Experience

with Terry Jones

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What is the key to creating long-term engagement and productivity? Creating a strong onboarding process not only gives them the skills they need to succeed but plays a major role in their long-term engagement.  A new employee’s first days are some of the most important as they get a feel for the company culture and environment.  Listen as Host Rich Rininsland speaks with Terry Jones on how to level up your onboarding process.

“ The good companies understand that you're not just interviewing and sort of having them sell themselves to you, but you're also selling the company.” – Terry Jones

Terry Jones is a former Vice President at CompassRock Real Estate. He has interviewed, coached, and trained thousands over the course of his 25-year corporate career. He received 8 significant career promotions. Today, he’s a talent development trainer, career coach, mentor, and consultant, helping professionals maximize their interview and work performance and overcome (often hidden) obstacles to believe in the power of possibilities through learning, advance to the next level in their careers, and reach their full potential. Terry is the founder of the 3A Academy, author of How to Get Promoted Faster: How I Went From Manager to Vice President in 14 months, and creator of the Rise & Shine Promotions System Coaching Program and Online Training Series.

For almost 20 years, he has interviewed hundreds and trained & coached thousands as a corporate trainer, director, and executive. All coaching and training programs are designed to be part tactical and motivational to achieve extraordinary results. Terry’s goal is to motivate and inspire high-performance behavior that’s mind-shifting and life-changing.

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