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Remote, Hybrid, Physically Distanced Team Building Products
Organising a team-building activity?  Is your team in the same location but needs to adhere to physical distancing guidelines? Or is your team in a WFO situation? Or a bit of both? We have a range of products that can be fully customised for your teams' unique requirements.

Product Stories
Here you can listen to the creators tell the innovative process behind some of the world's most popular team building products like Orchestrate!, The Big Picture, Need 4 Speed, Peak Performance and Beatswork.

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Product Stories

The Big Picture

An insight into the innovative and creative process that led to the creation of one of the world’s most popular creative team building activities.

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Product Stories

Listen to the stories of the creation and innovation of the world's best team building products.

Our Team

Meet the team behind Catalyst Global.

Catalyst Story

Find out how a resistance to commando games led to the development of modern team building.