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Andrea Burgess of Alliance Virtual Offices

The Impact of Remote Work on Climate Change

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The switch to remote work at the height of the pandemic proved we can make some improvements to help reverse climate change.

In 2019 the average commute time for Americans was 27.6 minutes each way. In 2020 this dropped significantly due to the switch to remote work. Because of that switch, the average American was able to reduce their carbon footprint by about 1800 pounds. But is remote work really part of the answer for helping climate change? What else can we do?

“We still do have a lower, I think it’s two to 3% lower carbon dioxide emissions. Then we did, whenever everyone was forced to work in the office a hundred percent of the time and not only the environmental impact, but a lot of consumers are looking for companies that are environmentally conscious that allow their, their workers a good quality of life.  A 3% increase in global warming would be absolutely catastrophic and lead to things that we probably can’t even imagine.” – Andrea 

Andrea Burgess: Andrea holds an MLIS from the University of South Florida. In addition to her work at Alliance Virtual Offices, she is also employed as an Academic Librarian. Her hobbies include reading, freshwater aquarium keeping, and several crafts. She has been widely published as a freelance writer and lives with her partner and five pets in Illinois. The family will be welcoming their first child in 2022.


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